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When old becomes new and shiny

November 28, 2010

Are you an altoholic, or do you focus on one or two characters only in an MMO? I am an altoholic myself, which means that I typically play a couple of characters in an MMO and most likely alternate between them.

In most level-based MMOs, if a character reaches the max level I pretty much stop playing it. Not because the level itself was a goal, but it usually serves as a trigger to focus more on other characters. So most of my max level characters in different MMOs are rarely played much after they reached that level. The exception is Guild Wars, but there one reaches max level more or less after rounding off the newbie experience.

However, after Paragon Studios released the Going Rogue expansion for City of Heroes, I have found myself spending a fair amount of time with my old max level characters. A combination of the ability to switch sides, the power customisation options and various new costume options (I buy most of the booster packs in addition to what is included in the game updates) really triggered a desire to revamp old characters.

Jumping around in Grandville

So I have changed a number of outfits, including costumes, auras and the powers themselves and also set of the different characters to continue being a hero/villain or to switch sides.

And it has been a blast to play all the old characters again! One character has barely been played for over 3 years since she reached max level and both her and others have been quite fun to get re-acquainted with. Others are a bit younger, but all of them more or less abandoned after they reached max level.  With a small time to figure out what they were actually doing, it is mostly good and fun after that. After all, they would not have reached max level if I had not found them fun to play in the first place.

Seeing that my primary reason for becoming interested in my old characters were what some would call fluff items, I do wonder which other MMOs this would work on? City of Heroes is exceptionally good for making your be pretty much anything you want. Most other MMOs do not prove an easy option to revamp old character and make them new and shiny.

Back into the Rikti Mothership Raids again

And that is a key part here I think – it was very easy to do these changes. I probably would not have done it if it required a significant amount of effort before something could be changed.

Have you successfully picked up old characters, possibly max level, and continue playing with them? What made that work for you?

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