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City of Heroes reactivation weekend

October 8, 2010 Comments off

This weekend is City of Heroes reactivation weekend. Thus basically everyone who has an inactive account will have it activated for this weekend to try out City of Heroes, including the Going Rogue expansion.

For leveling up in Praetoria though it is limited to level 14.

I think that is a good deal and for the Praetorian part level 14 is certainly good enough to get a taste of it. The non-Praetorian content does not have any limits it seems, so it is certainly a good opportunity to try out the different pieces of the game.

Switching completly from hero to villain or vice versa will perhaps be a challenge though, since that will pretty much take 4 calendar days, But part of the side switching (to rogue or vigilante) would certainly be possible, provide that one has a level 20+ character.

I would definitely recommend to try out the game for anyone that has the opportunity and time.


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