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Stalking hero considered a brute, coercer not feeling frozen

September 12, 2010

It has been a little while since I have posted – Real Life has taken priority and the game time that was left was actually spent playing games (MMOs) rather than writing something about them.

Most of the time has been spent in City of Heroes; for me it in a way opened up more of the existing game to play, in addition to the new Praetorian zones they added. Prior to Going Rogue expansion, my guess it that I probably spent 90% of the time in the Rogue Isles and the co-op zones.  With the new faction-switching options I had to think through again why I mainly play on the villain side.

Thinking about it I realized that a major factor for me were the archetypes; of the 7 archetypes originally available for hero-side, I only played 2 archetypes to level 30+ (controller and scrapper). Contrast that with the 7 originally villain-side archetypes where there is only 1 archetype that I have not played to level 30+ (brute).

Dr Charge and his buddy Frostfire taking on a Malta ambush

Thus I have played 2 characters through Praetoria, a dominator and a stalker – both ended up choosing hero-side after travelling to Primal Earth (i.e. our Earth). I also have a brute in Praetoria, who is still quite low level. Remains to be seen where he ends up, but same as the other I might consider at least starting him off on the hero side.

Another stalker of mine, Dr Charge, has begun his journey towards hero-side – this is mainly to provide some variation to the level 40+ game.

On the other hand, one of my level 50 heroes, Frieda (illusion/radiation controller), has moved over to villain side now and has become a fullfledged villain. One reason here is the powerset selection – there was not really anything good that matched her darkish theme from the epic power set on hero side, so I switched over so she could pick new powers from the villain epic patron powers (soul mastery). And she really has a villainous/evil theme – so she belongs on the villain side.

Frieda starting a forceful discussion with Nemesis army why they _only_ placed her as #3 on their villain top-10 list

Switching sides has meant a lot of tip missions, alignment missions. There is quite a lot of those and they have generally been quite well written and quite enjoyable to play.

Looking at the server load it has quite regularly been at two dots (medium load) for both of the English-speaking European servers, which is better than I have seen it at any time during my 4+ years of playing the game – only the occasional double xp weekend have managed the same. But now the Going Rogue expansion has been released for almost a month, so I would hazard a guess that Paragon Studios has done reasonably well with the expansion.

In addition to City of Heroes, I have spent a bit of time with Everquest 2 Extended. It has been a few years since I played the game regularly, so it is nice to explore it again as new experience, but which jogs my memory here and there. First I sort of re-created one of my old favourits, a Ratonga brigand. This was my highest character in old EQ2, he reached somewhere in the mid/late-40s back then.

However, taste perhaps change with time: It was ok playing the brigand, but compared to other melee characters I play in other games (stalker & brute in City of Heroes, various melee in Champions), I did noit quite feel the same enthusiasm for him. So the brigand might in the end be dropped, that remains to be seen.

But when they opened up to buy additional classes from the ones that that the “free” option offers, I went and bought my second favourite class – the Coercer. Playing the coercer again was on the other hand quite a bit of fun and I have really enjoyed it. For the coercer I also picked a starter area that I had not been in before, some winter landscape (don’t remember the name) which I think has been pretty nice.

I doubt that I will ever go with the subscription option for EQ2 extended – while it is a nice game, I do not really see myself playing a traditional fantasy MMO like this somewhat extensively and regularly. But a bit of play every now and then would be fine and compared to other similar fantasy options like DDO and LOTRO, I do prefer EQ2.

  1. September 13, 2010 at 03:25

    The CoV archetypes are generally better to me than the ones in CoH. It’s as if they took design experience from the first few years of CoH and applied it to outdoing their original designs. There are also a lot of character possibilities on the hero side that are slow at solo work, and I’m all bout solo work in most MMOs I play.

  2. coppertopper
    September 13, 2010 at 05:53

    I cannot get CoH to work with my ATi HD4850 and the drivers that the laptop mfg provides. Very frustrating!!! I am trying to play with my cousins from Canada but this is the major stumbling block and have not gotten any answers from forums. Hate to blame the devs, but cummon…and vid card made several years after the game released and no love??????

  3. September 13, 2010 at 17:19

    @Yeebo: The released CoV less than 1.5 years after the original CoH release, so they would not have had a huge amount of time to collect input. But perhaps that was enough time. The villain archetypes have certainly been refined over the years though.

    @Coppertopper: That sucks. I don’t have ATI so I am not familiar with particular issues there, but at least for some cases with Nvidia there were problems that actually originated in bugs in Windows in some cases – ptaches for that fixed problems with crashes.

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