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Ignorance is bliss? Present vs future

September 15, 2010 1 comment

Do you follow news and blog posts on upcoming games closely? Do you know the release dates at heart for MMOs to go live this autumna and winter? Do you know which MMOs are currently in some beta stage?

In the last months I have found myself to mostly ignore this kind of information. I do read blog posts, but mainly about existing games. If the posts cover future games I either do not read it or often just skim through the post, unless the game happens to be very near release.

For future games I now tend to a rough categorisation early on – interested, maybe interested and not interested. Those in the interested category I read enough about that I think it will be worth the effort to get the game when it is released. Once I reached that decision I do not investigate it much further – Guild Wars 2, Earthrise and The Secret World are in this category, for example.

In maybe interested category are those that some brief digging for info were not convincing enough definitely try out. These are the ones I may look at after release a bit more to see if I actually will try them after all at some point. DC Universe Online and Final Fantasy XIV are in this category, for example.

The not interested category are of course those that I am quite unlikely to try out or investigate much further.

The poitn with all this is though that I have found myself spending less time looking at any potential new and shiny stuff and more looking into what is happening with existing MMOs – which in a way is just as interesting as the new and shiny stuff. But changes to existing games and how well developers handle that says more about the quality of the game than what may be included in the 1.0 release.

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Stalking hero considered a brute, coercer not feeling frozen

September 12, 2010 3 comments

It has been a little while since I have posted – Real Life has taken priority and the game time that was left was actually spent playing games (MMOs) rather than writing something about them.

Most of the time has been spent in City of Heroes; for me it in a way opened up more of the existing game to play, in addition to the new Praetorian zones they added. Prior to Going Rogue expansion, my guess it that I probably spent 90% of the time in the Rogue Isles and the co-op zones.  With the new faction-switching options I had to think through again why I mainly play on the villain side.

Thinking about it I realized that a major factor for me were the archetypes; of the 7 archetypes originally available for hero-side, I only played 2 archetypes to level 30+ (controller and scrapper). Contrast that with the 7 originally villain-side archetypes where there is only 1 archetype that I have not played to level 30+ (brute).

Dr Charge and his buddy Frostfire taking on a Malta ambush

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