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Going Rogue and the 11th final ding

August 22, 2010

Game time this weekend was pretty much exclusively with City of Heroes. The Going Rogue expansion was released earlier in the week. As it should, this has caused more activity in the game. There ae more people running around in the areas, more people in chat channels than I have been used to lately. And if nothing else, the server list looks slightly different:

City of Heroes European server list

In the over four years that I have played the game, the number of times I have seen server load go up to two dots can be counted on one hand – and that might still leave unused fingers.

Gameplay have been a mix of old and new – I have of course created some Praetorians:

  • Don Charge, electricity/electricity dominator and currently loyal to the regime
  • Tsu Sparta, kinetic melee/super reflexes stalker and currently a resistance fighter

Don is the one that believes in the regime and also want to see that it will try to protect and help its citizens. Tsu on the other hand who happily will walk over anyone in the way towards the goal to end the regime. The goal justifies the means – any means.

Don Charge admiring a statue of the glorious Emperor Cole

In a way a character can be or feel more villainous playing though Praetoria than a villain starting in the Rogue Isles – if the right paths are selected. Both of them are quite fun to play. A few of my old in-game friends have returned to the game now and we teamed up a bit during the weekend with our Praetorian characters. Great fun and as always in City of Heroes, fights in teams give a different (better, more intense) experience than playing solo.

Tsu Sparta about to strike a Clockwork

The other part of the gameplay has been to play a bit with some of the older characters. One of those is Shadow Siren, my sonic/dark corruptor. After literally years (calendar time) of play, she was now finally on the verge of reaching the max level.

I decided that Shadow Siren should be my first character to start walk the path between the areas of heroes and villains. Said and done, Shadow Siren started to pick up some tip missions. Two missions on Friday, 5 tip missions on Saturday and finally 3 tip missions and a morality mission on Sunday. It happened so that Shadow Siren reached level 50 during this last morality mission. Thus after the mission was done she became my first rogue character. While she still is considered to be a villain in many ways, she can now also travel all over Paragon City and do some of the missions.

Shadow Siren and allies beating up Soul Hunters

Shadow Siren is now my 11th max level character and my first Corruptor to reach that level.

These new tip missions and the morality missions seem to be a quite good addition to the game. I had a little bit concern that these missions would be something similar to the old newspaper/police band missions, which are rather simplistic in their nature. For me they get a bit boring to do. But the tip missions generally have a better quality, telling small stories in a single mission and with some plot twists and turns from time to time. I can very much see that I will play many tip missions as an alternative to follow some regular or Mission Architect story arcs. Good work with those, Paragon Studios.

Now I am off to Helsinki for work – I am looking forward to play more in City of Heroes next weekend.

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