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Everquest 2 introduces new payment model and new servers

July 27, 2010 2 comments

As have been reported by Massively, Everquest 2 is going the same route as LOTRO, more or less. I do not want to talk about “F2P” in these cases, because I think that is as accurate as saying many mobile phone options are “F2T” (free to talk). What the game companies are doing is to provide more options for how you want to pay for your game experience. That is a good thing and something I wanted to see for a long time. It is great to see this happening more and more!

As for the game itself, EQ2 is certainly a game I would consider playing again with new payment options. Starting fresh with new servers sounds very attractive to me.

But what is so special with August 17th? EQ2 starts is beta then, Champions Online releases a new update on the same date and Paragon Studios release the Going Rogue expansion. Anything else happening or getting released that day?

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City shadow progress

July 27, 2010 Comments off

Sometimes there are plenty of things to write about here, but I can not or will not for various reasons; it may be some beta material or that I do not want to write to many spoilers regarding some story or path in a game. But if too much material is left out it may become too abstract or bland. Most of the time I also want to try to stay positive; it is easy to rant about something, but it takes more effort to be constructive and give something positive as a result of the post.

One of the things lately that has been positive for me is that I started to play one of my oldest characters (close to 4 years old) in City of Heroes/Villains РShadow Siren. She is a Corruptor, which could be described as a mix of support and damage roles. Her damage powerset is Sonic Assault (she is good at screaming :)) and her support  powerset is Dark Miasma. Sonic damage dealing powers has the nice side effect that they reduce the damage resistance of the enemy Рi.e. the following hits will do more damage. The Dark support powers are quite versatile, but a key aspect of them is that they reduce the ability for enemies to hit you (or your team).

Shadow Siren on top of the world - or at least Lord Recluse's statue in Grandville

Shadow Siren was my second ever corruptor; the first one was a pure dark corruptor (both damage and support powers) which was deleted at an early age Рthis was during the time where I had only 8 character slots per server to play with.  I played the Shadow Siren character from time to time, previous time a little bit in the early 40s. But late 30s and early 40s was quite a bit frustrating. However, I had not changed her power build in a very long time. Being an old character, I did not want to delete her either.

So not that long ago I decided to sit down and think through the power choices and what kind of enchancements should go into those powers for Shadow Siren. This was a good exercise and it resulted in a few changes – not many and not really big changes, but it also gave me opportunity to think how I wanted to play the character. As a result, I found playing with the character to be definitely more fun than before and a character I gladly switch to play with. She still has some issues when dealing with mezzers if they manage to actually hit her (most mobs have difficulty hitting her at all due to the debuffs), but the powersets have alternate approaches that works in some cases. This is less of a problem in teams also, where others may have abilities that complement those of Shadow Siren.

Shadow Siren has now reached high 40s (47 at time of writing) and will quite likely be another character that reaches max level in the game and my first Corruptor to do so.

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