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The heat is on

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Normally summers where I live have had moderate temperatures – perhaps 20-25 degrees (celsius) on sunny days and cloudy/rainy days perhaps down to 15-20 degrees. But I think now inb the past three years we have had a boost in heat and a number of days where the temperature is 30+ degrees.

This is probably normal for a number of people, but we are used to a bit colder temperatures here and in particular our houses are – they are good at keeping the heat inside, which is quite useful most parts of the year.

It is thus still unusual to to have any air condition in homes – it has for the most part not been needed. But with the more frequent hot days here people are reconsidering that.

I started my vacation a few days ago and temperatures have been steadily around 30 degrees outside. Yet it feels cooler when I go outside from my home. The tempeatures outside go to more decent levels in the night and it becomes more bearable. But daytime is really hot.

So it was decided that an A/C was needed. That conclusion seems that a lot of people have reached at the same time, it is almost impossible to find any A/C in stores – if a store gets a new delivery it is sold out within an hour, sometimes even in minutes.

After hunting on internet and visiting a couple of stores yesterday and today I managed to grab the last A/C in a batch from a nearby store. So hopefulyl tempreatures can go down a bit without having most windows open.

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