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Paragon Studios reveals info about Issue 18

July 9, 2010 2 comments

That Paragon Studios is going to release a new expansion to City of Heroes/Villains called Going Rogue is likely familiar to a few. Together with that expansion there is also a regular update of the game – Issue 18: Shades of Grey.

Perhaps a bit light in content it does still add a few nice bits and pieces, although some are things they pretty much had to do to support Going Rogue.

I applaud that they will now merge the markets for both sides of the game. It is something they pretty much had to do for Going Rogue and it makes quite a lot of sense when player characters now finally will be able to explore all of the game’s50+ zones (including the new ones in the expansion). They ability to share inspirations regardless of affiliation is also a noce change – that was always an annoyance in the co-op zones to not be able to give inspirations to someone who needed it in your team.

The new tip system is another variation of the approach that new missions will come to you rather than always asking an NPC. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

The new doppelganger feature that was introduced with Issue 17 will now also be available in Mission Architect. I think that is quite nice, although I suspect that it will really be over-used initially and one will probably find missions where everything you fight is yourself…

The raid type content of Cathedral of Pain sounds interesting, it was something that I believe vanished around the time I started playing the game, so it is something I never got to try out.

But since I will get the expansion (have already paid for it a long time ago), this is only part of the new things that will show up in a bit over a month.

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