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Players save the world

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This weekend I mainly spent some with my earth dominator Dirtmonger and my electricity stalker, Dr Charge. There was also some time for my bard Pelimanni in Stormwind, but that is for another post.

Both of them spend some time to play player created missions. This is really great – playing the regular content too often and you start to feel sick & tired of it. Playing some quite new/different in the same world keeps it more fun and enjoyable.

I thought I’d mention a few of the story arcs I played this weekend whichI found quite enjoyable.

First out is The Decryption (arcID 188282):

The Decryption - fighting soviet forces

This is a cold war:ish story with spies and infiltration. You get to fight some strange Soviet troops, gather intelligence deep inside the Soviet Union and stop a global threat. Of course, no-one will admit any knowledge of your actions.

It is straightforward story, some pretty cool characters and which of course speak in Russian, very nice touch the last part. It has been more than 25 years since I studied Russian, so I have forgotten most about it, but did understand some words.  Definitely playable and enjoyable.

Next arc is A.E.’s Premium Quality Mission: “guarranteed qualityyyLOADING ERR (arcID 148476):

Time for A.E. bug hunt...

As the name of the arc implies, this one has a bit of humor in it… As a customer of Architect Entertainment (A.E.) you are presente to try a premium virtual expeience, going into a cave full of Rikti – only that the “Rikti” are not actually real Rikti and various flaws of the software shows up. The sales guy tries to compensate you for the flaws by providing another virtual setting, only the problems only get worse. In the end you go in to save the day for the poor software guys handling the AI of Architect Entertainment.

Some of the parts are absolutely hilarious, although it probably helps being a software IT guy to get some of the jokes. A very enjoyable arc!

The third and last one I mention in this post is As if you Saved the Entire World (arcID 416094):

Time to save your friend and stop another cult

The story starts with that old friend of yours who is part of the Midnighters Club, Deidre, has vanished. The first part of the arc is a kind of flashback of things that has happened before, how you met Deidre and she became the person she is. Then the story moves on to present time and you go to rescue Deidre from an evil cult.

The story format and pace is excellent. The story part from present time is well written, but not unique. However, with the flashbacks in the first missions there is a very well executed build-up of the story which makes the end result much better. Definitely thumbs up for this one!

The last arc mentioned here is a good example that good arcs do not get automatically played. The author had published his/her arc and no-one had played or rated it for over a month, so he/she posted in the City of Heroes forums that could someone please play and comment the arc. The arc has now received a few good comments in the forums and have had a number of top score ratings.

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