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Battle Hardened

June 5, 2010 Comments off

Earlier this week I reached sort of a milestone in City of Heroes/Villains – I got the Battle Hardened veteran reward badge, which is what you get as a four year veteran of the game. In addition to the badge, one gets an extra character slot and also a buff pet.

The pet can have one of four different appearances (fairy, wisp, oscillator and drone) and can either give a slight buff to damage and damage resistance, or to defence and recovery. Which types of buffs are chosen when the pet is chosen (no regrets possible).

This pet is available for every character on the account to pick.

For the stalkers the pet was a bit of a failure. Since it follows you around and is visible, the first thing that happens if you sneak up on a mob is that the pet will generate aggro and get killed immediately…

For the other characters it is a nice little addition though.

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