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Overcharged fun

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I am a hopeless altoholic and last weekend a new character saw the light of day, Dr Charge. The good doc is a stalker – not the creepy kind, but the Rogue Isles sneaky kind.

Dr Charge, electricity/electricity stalker

The Stalker archetype has always been a bit of an odd one in the world of super heroes and villains, sometimes finding his/her place in the world (or a team) a bit challenging at times.

But also because it is a bit different, it can be a refreshing change to play at times also. While I already have two stalkers at around level 30, they are in a way a bit too similar to some other characters I have. So I decided to make an electricity based stalker – electricity powers is something I have rerely used before.

Playing Dr Charge both solo and in teams last weekend I have had a great fun time with him. The electricity effects fits nicely with his metallic appearance I think and playing with some quite nice people added to the fun, of course.

Dr Charge was far from my first name choice though and here I wish the game had the same name feature as in Champions Online – you characters can have whatever name they want, even if other character happen to already have used that name. The game already have global names separate from character names to identify the players, but probably not an easy thing to change still.

The doc is not the only character I play either, as an altoholic I do like to rotate and get some variation, be it with different characters in one game or different characters in multiple games. Lately it has been much into one game though.

Amazingly an old game like this keeps pulling me back. Or it is perhaps not that amazing really. New games include new nice features and different content, but old games keep also up to some extent, adding to what is already there.

Feel the energy, boys

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