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Leo Ericsson: Into the hole

May 30, 2010 1 comment

[This was a rather quick write and a somewhat adjusted story to the original game play]

Leo woke up early with a terrible hangover. He and the members of his special task force team had been out celebrating the promotion of one of the team members; Vincent DiMarrio. Vincent had received a new assignment in St Martial, which by most of the soldiers in Mercy was considered a significant improvement in location.

Leo did not particularly like Vincent and thought that he was much more suited for a promotion. While Vincent was a good fighter, Leo was pretty sure he could beat him, if he had to. He wondered how Vincent had been able to pull this one off.

At the table next to the bed was a small note with some text on it. Leo vaguely remembered that some man had given it too him. That was probably right after he had stood up on the table in the bar, somewhat intoxicated, and shouted “I have a destiny, just wait and see!” at Vincent.

The note was short:

If you want to find your destiny, come see me at Fort Darwin.

– Alan Desslock

Weird name, Leo thought. Maybe some wacko, but if he actually is inside Fort Darwin he must be someone. I could hear him out. It will probably not be good to tell him that his name sounds a bit like a part of a toilet in Swedish. Some people might take that as an insult. Better not comment on that – at least not yet.

But that will have to wait for a bit, time to get on the daily business – beating the crap out of the low-life scum and help with the arrival of those “destined ones” that Arachnos was getting out of the Zig.

Most of the thugs were just a bunch of Hellions or Skulls, some of the local gangs. But sometimes there were also a few creepy guys who could barely walk but had glowy eyes – they never ran away or gave up, so one had to take them down permanently.

While he was beating a few of the Hellions, he noticed that he was watched by a beefy guy in some kind of black armor. Not a normal thug, so probably one of these guys that had been transported out of the Zig.

– Hey you, soldier!,  the dark guy said. Do you want to do something a bit more dangerous than beating up those thugs?

The dark guy approached him. – I am Dark Titan. I am here for an investigation and you seem to be a good soldier that would be useful to me to reach my goal a bit quicker.

Leo walked up to the big guy: – A challenge? Sure, I am up for it.

Dark Titan smiled. – We can make a good team. Let me fill you in on the details.

Dark Titan told Leo that he had gathered some infomation about the Snakes, a group of intelligent snake-like creatures that mostly live underground in the caves below Mercy Island. He had killed a number of them, gathering skins and other data from the creatures for his benefactor.  From this material his benefactor had deduced that there was a special breed of these snakes called the Trueborn. Supposedly these are the progeny of an ancient goddess Stheno, which these snake creatures believe in. Thus these Trueborn could be very valuable, but also dangerous.

Dark Titan said that he had managed to track down what possibly may be a hatchery for these Trueborn. He was now going to strike at this Hatchery, defeat any snake creatures resisting and grab some DNA from any Trueborn that could be found.

Leo thought about it for a while. He had heard about these Snakes, and occasionally seen what could have been one at a distance. Many of the civilians and thugs were thought to have become victims of these creatures, and even turned into them by their bites.

As long as they did not bother him, he had no interest in them. He certainly had no plans to be heroic and make life easier for the weak trash that walked around on the streets of Mercy. But it could be worthwhile to network a bit with one of these “destined ones” and perhaps some useful intel could be gained from it – these Trueborn were something new to Leo.

Said and done – Leo and Dark Titan joined forces and were soon jumping into a hole in the ground that DT pointed out. – This should be the place.

And they certainly seemed to have hit the right spot. Soon after entry they encountered a group of Snakes which attacked directly.  Throwing daggers and wielding knives, those creatures were no match for Leo’s submachine gun and Dark Titan’s powerful punches. Going deeper into the caves, they found more groups of snakes which they attacked.

After a long walk further down into the caves the path suddenly opened up to a big cave hall. In this room there were many groups of Snakes, each group seemingly working on something near a number of huge eggs.

– These must be the eggs of the Trueborn, Dark Titan said. – If we beat up the snakes and crack the eggs we should be able to get some good DNA samples.

As they approached the first egg, the nearby snakes took notice of them and attacked with a feriocity that was a bit beyond what the initial snakes had shown. If anything, that may be a good indication that they were on the right track here. As they had defeated the first group of snakes and started to beat the egg to crack it, some of the other snakes in the cave hall further down had took notice of them and came screaming, with knives raised.

– Here comes the cavalry, Leo smiled. Swiftly the new group of snakes were dealt with. The egg was cracked and some of the goo inside was put in a canister by Dark Titan.

– Now we have the DNA. Let’s kill the rest, he said with a twisted smile.

Suddenly two of the other eggs nearby cracked and out from these eggs crawled two huge Cobra-like creatures. They blinked and looked around a bit and then fixed their gazes on the two humans. One of them picked up a big sword that lay next to the egg. The two Cobras slithered  towards Leo and Dark Titan.

– Right, time to see how tough these ones are, Dark Titan said.

Before any of them had done anything though, one of the Cobras started to spit out some kind of green fluid which hit them both. Leo felt a sudden dizziness and a burning sensation where the fluid had hit him. Crap, some kind of toxic, he thought. Both of them lept forward and started to beat on the two big creatures.

The creatures hit hard, aiming for the legs and Leo started to feel numb in his legs. He was barely able to walk and suddently felt a stinging pain in his chest and fell to the ground – one of the Cobras has hit him with the sword and the tip of it had managed to penetrate his armor. He turned towards the Corba and managed to raise his submachine gun and fire half a dozen bullets into the face of the Cobra, who dropped down on the ground, stone dead.

Turning his head towards the other Cobra, he saw Dark Titan wrapping his arms around the Cobra’s head from behind and with a loud snap! twisted the creatures head. It fell down from his arms, dead.

– Mission accomplished soldier. The other snakes seem to have fled the scene. Dark Titan picked up the canister and indicated towards the path they came from. – Let’s go back.

Back up on the ground Dark Titan motioned towards Leo with his hand. – Thanks for the assistance. I am sure we will run into each other again. Bye, soldier.

When Dark Titan had left Leo opened a pocket and took out a small container with some goo in it. He knew some of the Arachnos scientists – a mad bunch of people, but sometimes brilliant and useful to know. He would give this goo to one of them. If it turns out to be valuable the scientist would owe him a favour – which could be useful to collect at some point later. A bit painful, but possibly useful day.

Leo walked back Fort Cerberus where his quarters were. The sun was about to set and he thought he saw a few snake-like creatures far away. He motioned with his hand towards them like a gun. – Bam bam, you are dead.

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