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Meet Leo Ericsson, villain

May 28, 2010

This is Leo Ericsson, a villain and Arachnos soldier. He is a young man that has no special powers or abilities like the various super heroes or super villains; he is just one of many soldiers in the service of Lord Recluse. But Leo has ambition.

Meet Leo Ericsson, villain and Arachnos soldier

As a young boy Leo and his mother emigrated from Sweden, away from an abusive father & husband, and settled down in Cap au Diable. Quite soon Leo learned that getting somewhere in the somewhat rough societely that is the Rogue Isles, one must be strong. He mixed early with the local criminal gangs, but while he admired the gadgets that the Goldbrickers employed, he still thought of them as not ambitious enough – he wanted to hit the big league.

And for a man in the Rogue Isles, there can hardly be anything bigger than Arachnos. Leo admired Lord Recluse’s darwinian approach to ruling with survival of the fittest, even within his own organisation and army. As a young man he got himself enlisted as a soldier at the very bottom of the Arachnos hierarchy. Already a year after enlistment he had managed to advance in the organisation to a special task force assignment to Mercy Island.


This is the starting point for a few adventures with Leo Ericsson, a fresh villain that I have created. The idea here is to take a character who may not perhaps be evil (yet at least), but clearly a bit on the wrong side of the law and evolve him through different adventures.

Missions for Leo will be picked to try to fit his current situation, whatever that may be. This means that mission could be the regular missions provided by the game, but also missions from the Mission Architect system.

I wanted a character that could start almost as a nobody and see where he goes. Despite the name the Villain Epic Archetypes (VEATs) in City of Villains/Heroes fits that part quite well. They do not really have any superpowers, but rely on technology and superior skills.

Will Leo become a powerful super villain? I don’t know – I do not even know if he will stay on the evil side in the end. The Mission Architect system in the game combined with the future good/evil-adjusting system of Going Rogue opens up a lot of possibilities.

My ambition here is to take one character, Leo, and document his development and progress. The path he will take is not determined, that will evolve as time goes by.

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