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That’s a horse

May 23, 2010 Comments off

Caught this picture below in a City of Heroes forum thread:

Nemesis horse

Apparently this is a horse from the Nemesis villain group (steampunk:ish villains), but never actually been put into the game for real. So when will NCSoft add this as a $25 pet.. 😛

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Going Rogue packaging

May 23, 2010 1 comment

I just had a look at the Going Rogue FAQ, prompted by a note in the City of Heroes forums. In addition to the expension module, there is also going to be a “Complete Collection” version, which both includes the original game, the expansion Going Rogue, a month of game time and couple of extra items. Those items include a few emotes, some additional costume pirces, more auras and an invisibility power, Shadowy Presence. The latter is not that useful though, IMHO.

Considering that only the expansion costs 20 Euro and the Complete Collection package 30 Euro, the big package is a good deal. The items in the package will be possible to buy separately for 6 Euro.

However, for early access to the dual pistols and demon summoning powersets, one has  to “pre-purchase” (Paragon Studios terminology) the expansion package.

Release date is set to “Summer 2010”, which is slightly different from “July 2010”. I suspect that we might not see the expansion released until the end of the summer.

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