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The Serpent Lantern

May 21, 2010 2 comments

Cryptic has unveiled some details about their upcoming advanture pack, The Serpent Lantern.

As one might guess from the name, the stories in this pack is around the organisation VIPER and the article on the Champions wbe site outlines a few pieces of what to expect.

I am glad that they have started to create these adventure packs: it is a kind of content that provides a bit more choice to the player. The pack can be played at almost any level and with any size of team – it will scale accordingly And it is repeatable if one wants to play it multiple times.

I really hope they continue to add content in general in this form, even if it is not everything. This approach give player more choice of what to do in the game, at least at some point in the future where a number if adventure packs hopefully has been released – and that at practically any point in time of the superhero career.

A good move, hopefully this works out well for them.