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Back to the architect

May 16, 2010 4 comments

I believe it was late last summer that Paragon Studios announced that it was possible to buy additional story arc slots, on top of the 3 slots that every player received. I jumped on this opportunity directly and bought additional 5 slots – which I think was the max allowed.

A bit later Champions Online was released and my main focus diverted away from Paragon City and Rogue Isles a bit.  While I went back to play City of Heroes/Villains to play, I still did not start to make any new story arcs – the four arcs I had already published were still there and nothing more was done, except to check on the arcs once in a while to see that they are working.

And I like my arcs, so I did not mind playing them every now and then. But no effort to actually make any additional arcs or change the existing ones.

You are not Cylons by any chance?

And so Issue 17 went live. Already before Issue 17 most of my MMO game time was spent in City of Heroes/Villains and it has not decreased after that. But now I am also getting back into writing story arcs again. There are some important reasons here:

  • Story arc size doubled to 200KB, plus custom critter data made more compact.
    My existing story arcs were all in the 90-100% range of the max size, but now suddenly they shrank to around 30-50% of the new max size.
  • Much better control over XP given by custom critters
    In order to combat exploits in the previous issue the XP for custom critters was essentially reduced in a stopgap measure, or rather the challenge vs XP ratio was set so that pretty much only quite tough custom mob would give the same XP as a much easier standard mob. The new detailed power customisation makes that gap much smaller.

Issue 17 also brought a new type of objective (lead ally to different objective), added new maps and also giant monsters – I have used 2 out of 3 of those now.

For anyone interested in my story arcs I have a separate page here on the blog for those (see also at the top of the blog page): Mission Architect story arcs.

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Samuraiko game tribute

May 16, 2010 Comments off

Recently I ran across the City of Heroes/Villains video Retrospective by Samuraiko. It is a quite nice video going through the history of the game with the different issues from the very start up to today, 6 years later. Some of will perhaps mainly make sense if you have played the game and that particular content, but it is a nice tribute to a game that is slightly older than that Blizzard game.

(Some details that are perhaps not quite in the right place in the timeline, but that is artistic freedom for you 🙂 I am still impressed that some old in-game footage was possible to include)

Samuraiko (Michelle Travis in RL) has a number of videos uploaded on her YouTube channel, including a City of Heroes version of Do you want to date my avatar?

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