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Monthly trekking

May 15, 2010 Comments off

It has been a while since I wrote anything what I have been playing. One of the games I have played is Star Trek Online; although I cannot say that I play it particularly much.

In the past month or so I have had one STO session. I played through a story arc, Saturday’s Child, and a few patrol missions. The story arc was ok – negotiations for rare resources with people who left technology behind them a long time ago and now live a simpler life. Throw in a bit of Klingon conflict and spice it up with a meteor that threatens to destroy this world.

Captain, anti-meteor goo is at full capacity!

Safe to say is in the end I beat the Klingons and stopped the meteor. There was not really any surprises here, which is perhaps one reason I do not play the game more often.

For most of the stories it is a bit like I am pulled through by the nose, very few surprises and very few choices to be made. In fact, almost all of the time my crew tells me what I should do or should not do.

It it also supposed to be a time of war, but unless my crew tells me we have enemies nearby and and that I should probably shoot them or something, I see little evidence of this war going on.

So as the game is now it is a nice distraction that I can play for a bit once in a while, but I have not really any urge to play it. I have a 12-month subscription on the game, 1 character which is Commander of some rank (2 or 3 I think), so until Febaruary next year I will probably play once in a while. After that we will see, game and/or payment model perhaps have changed by then.