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Demon summoning

April 18, 2010 3 comments

The upcoming update for City of Heroes/Villains, issue 17: Dark Mirror, is now in open beta since a few days. It has a number of nice features, the most visually apparent one being the new Ultra Mode graphics setting (actually a number of settings grouped under that name).

In essence Ultra Mode improves on shading and reflections, which has a nice effect of making environment (and characters where applicable) look more “real” (not realistic) and the world gets a bit more depth than before. But I am going more into Issue 17 features in a different post.

This post is actually for something that is not part of Issue 17, but rather is tested together with it – the new powerset Demon Summoning. This powerset is intended for the Mastermind archetype and allows you to control a number of demons as pet. For the character itself the powerset includes a whip as the weapon of choice.

This powerset is part of the Going Rogue expansion, but will be available to players to have already pre-ordered the expansion, with Issue 17. It seems that “everyone”, including yours truly, thinks that whips and demons absolutely should be a female character – I have yet to see a male demon summoner. I am sure they exist, but will likely be in the minority. Perhaps that is because the new signature character for the powerset, Desdemona, is female or that Paragon studios shows off the powerset with a female character.

Either way, the powerset seems to be quite nice as far as I have tried it (up to level 18) – obviously Paragon Studios do learn from experience. Most of the masterminds I have played before I never got particularly far with – in the end it did end up a bit boring when gameplay mainly was about supporting and controlling the pets, rather than do things yourself.

With the whip this changes a bit – the weapons is mostly melee oriented and includes some debuffs. In the end the result is that one takes a more active part in the combat, resulting in more fun gameplay. It has been pretty good so far, hopefully this will continue towards higher levels.

Below is a video capture with my demon summoner/thermal mastermind robbing the Skyway City bank (mayhem mission).

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