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Champions life-timers go VIP

March 16, 2010

Cryptic sent out an email to lifetime subscribers announcing that they are working on introducing a few perks as a thank you:

  • A chat channel exclusive for life-time subcribers
  • Get in the front of the queues – if there would be a queue to get into the server, life-timers get placed in the front
  • A specific in-game title
  • A VIP lounge
  • A unique costume piece

I am not so much for showing off, so neither the title not the costume piece are instrering to me, unless the costume piece fits with any of the character themes.

The chat channel and VIP lounge will be interesting to get some idea of who and how many may be life-timers – is there a critical mass to be a better global chat option to the zone chat? Critical mass for a social area?

I would love to see that Cryptic occasionally get a problem with queues to the server, in the sense that number of players continue to increase. But if they get them, I do hope that they will be resolved fairly quickly.

I did not expect anything extra, so a few perks is a nice gesture at least; although nothing I am too excited about.

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  1. March 17, 2010 at 00:43

    They need to do something for the lifers IMO. I’m glad to see Cryptic actually trying o add a little more value to those accounts.

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