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STO is CoX 2

March 14, 2010 3 comments

I have been playing mainly City of Villains and some Star Trek Online lately. It strikes me that in spirit, STO feels more like CoV/CoH 2 than Champions does.

Both game have

  • Heavy instancing with similarly looking environments
  • Instances scale based on team size
  • A few archetypes with a fair amount of flexibility in skills to pick
  • Not forcing or requiring teams, but proving a bit nicer experience if you do
  • Task forces
  • Newspaper/safeguard/patrol missions

While Champions certainly epanded upong superhero extravaganza and the ka-boom/freem/ba-rumble part, I think a fair amount of the thoughts that went into City of Heroes has found a new setting in Star Trek Online.

Note that I do not think this is bad – after all I have played CoV/CoH longer than any other MMO by far, despite some shortcomings. But I cannot help noticing that for me they feel more similar in spirit than either of them with Champions.