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Pew-pew practice

February 7, 2010 5 comments

Back home for the weekend and it was time for a bit of adventuring in space and Star Trek Online. Since the game has been released for real now also I went and picked up the box I had pre-ordered. There was only one choice available from the store, an edition with a T-shirt, some post cards and a map and some in-game items – a gun and some kind of uniform, I think.

Most of the content I have played through so far has been quite enjoyable, even the patrol missions, which sometimes are a bit light on the story side. The story focused missions have been pretty good though and I do like that there is a thread going through some of these missions with various plots orchesterated by ambassador B’Vat.

Taking U.S.S Spinal Tap for a spin, dazzling the Klingons with science

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