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Recently Cryptic’s State of the Game for Champions Online showed some good information about recent updates and alos a bit what was going to come in the near future. For me personally, the difficulty setting was actually what I might be looking forward to the most – that is a great feature of City of Villains/Heroes and it is nice to see that Cryptic continue to reintroduce good features that preferably should have been included from start. Better late than never. They also seem to re-introduce the flashback feature from their old game.

What has caused the most stir lately is that the announced new zone, Vibra Bay, might actually need to be paid for. People are a bit upset about this, given that the game has not had a huge amount of content to start with and the content additions so far has not been that much.

As a lifetime subscriber, am I upset about this announcement? No, not really – yet. Vibra Bay is said to be level 37-40 content. Currently I only have one character high enough to play such content and I have not played all of the content that is already there around these levels. My concern is rather that the content below those levels are quite limited so that most things have to be redone when leveling alts.

If they had said that Vibra Bay would have been a level 15-40 zone, 15-35 zone or something like that it would have been more interesting. Right now it will be an update I am simply not that interested in, free or paid for.

What do worry me more though is Cryptic seem to manage to upset people fairly regularly with statements that just make things worse. Daeke’s statement above is a prime example. Intended to remove speculation, but actually just causing more controversy and speculation, just of a different kind. A more proper approach would be to shut up until all information can be presented, for example:

  • What the actual price for this new zone will be
  • If it will be the same price for everyone, or differentiated
  • Size of the zone, content-wise
  • And also nice, the general policy to what kind of updates will be included in the subscription fee, and what can be expected to be paid for

Cryptic is perfectly free to set their own prices and policy and do not have to do it the same way as some other MMO game companies. But I really wish that they could be more upfront with what one can expect to get for the money. The same problem exists with many other MMOs, in particular the subscription-based ones. Cryptic is just a prime example right now, also since they seem to deviate from their past policies with City of Villains/Heroes.

I am actually positive about more differentiation in prices and payment models – but really, the companies should really be upfront with their customers or potential customers here.

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