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Cosmic spanking

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Yesterday my supergroup (or technically multiple supergroups) of The Older Gamers (The Omega Guard, The Omega Garrison supergroups) scheduled an event to go and beat up some of the cosmic class villains that roam around in the Champions universe. With people from all over the globe in the supergroup there was not a time that would suite everyone – this time the event suited primarily European and American people.

The plan was to start with the god Kigatillik in the frozen Canadian north, continue with the flaming giant gorilla Qwijibo and the giant dinosaur Teleiosaurus on Monster Island and round off with the hulk-like Grond in the Southwest desert.

A little bit late everyone interested gathered and we ended up with two teams, 8-9 characters in total. ┬áIn the northern part of the Canadian zone Mr Kigatillik hangs around. It must be a bit boring being a god in a place like this – hardly anyone visits and he does not seem to move around – just hang around in one spot with a couple of guard dogs (big things with big jaws). I am quite sure he was happy to see us to break the monotomy, even though he continued to try to insult us about being weak beings etc. That goes with job description of many gods, I think.

Kigatillik became green of envy of our fantastic outfits

Kigatillik became green of envy of our fantastic outfits

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