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Unity and Nemesis

December 30, 2009 2 comments

So with my character Ais Kreem at level 40 I started to have a look what this whole thing with UNITY missions were. This is something that is unlocked for a character when they reach level 40 (max level). Each day there are a few UNITY missions offered from the UNITY headquarter in Millenium City. These missions seem mostly to be a bit like the “Help a Citizen” missions – enter some location on the map and completed a few objectives in an instanced area. At least these missions seem to be slightly more interesting than the “Help a Citizen” missions inthat there are a few objectives in each mission. For those that have not played Champions it could also be compared a bit to the Newspaper/Police band missions of City of Heroes/Villains.

This is UNITY - freeze, punk!

Each mission gives UNITY mission point and UNITY intelligence points. The mission points are the “cash” in this system, which can be used to by items. More on that later. Doing all of the missions for one day seem to bring in 10 UNITY mission points. If enough UNITY intelligence points have been gathered one can use some of these points to get a “UNITY most wanted” mission. This mission then has a choice of 3 lair bosses – entering any of the three lairs (5-man instances) and complete them to defeat the boss there will also complete this mission, which then would give 40 UNITY mission points.

So essentially it seems that you can do 5 pretty easy daily missions + 1 lair per day for 50 mission points as the max per day. The UNITY headquarter also has a store where people can by purple level items (very rare) for their UNITY mission points. A primary item costs 1000 mission points and a secondary item 250 mission points. Since there are 3 primary item slots and 6 secondary item slots it mean that the theoretical minimum to get all purple items from UNITY missions are 90 days.

UNITY here to save the people...the animals...the manimals!

Since there seem to be 3 different lairs to choose from it also mean that one has to do each lair at least 30 times, or spend longer time on doing just the simple missions. While better than nothing I am not that thrilled about the options and it is not really important for me to get all this purple gear either, so I do not think I will do very much of the current UNITY stuff. Still I might do some of it, which is still more then what I usually do with a character at max level in other MMOs.

The Nemesis system in the game has a similar point system where one also can buy purple items for the same prices. But in this case it is Nemesis mission points. I have not kept a close look at how much one get for each of the Nemesis missions, but when I had reached level 40 I had about 275 Nemesis mission points gathered. So I guess it would take a while to collect through the Nemesis system also.

Standard equipment for an evil mastermind/Nemesis - a death ray

On the other hand, I find the Nemesis system to be more fun – it has really a few neat missions in there and are overall more enjoyable than what the UNITY missions seem to be. But there is a limit on how often the Nemesis missions are triggered.

For those that like to repeat dungeons/lairs/instances over and over again to get some better items I guess the system could be ok. But that is not me, so I will see how much of it I end up doing.

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