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No-one wants to be a hero…

December 6, 2009

..but everyone wants to be treated like a hero.

From time to time there are comments saying that “Everyone wants to be a hero” and that MMOs fails to deliver on that compared to single-player games. I think that is male cattle poop. If everyone really wanted to be a hero, we would see a lot more chivalry, good deeds and amazing communities.

But in the end what everyone wants is the hero’s reward, the bystanders’ reaction and celebration as if there had been a heroic deed – be it other players or NPCs. How to get there does not matter and consequences can be ignored.

And that is ok – sometimes. MMOs have the versatility as game type to allow many different gameplay which may or may not include other people in various ways. That is their strength and what they can allow to be rewarded in many different ways. Heroes may happen, but does not have to be there.

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