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Confronting Nemesis

November 20, 2009

Cryptic has started to push the marketing buttons for a new lair that is being added to Champions Online next week, Nemesis Confrontation. This is a 5-man lair for max level characters (i.e. level 40) which as the name implies, includes confrontations with the Nemesis characters of all people in the team. There is also a trailer available – warning though that the speaker voice is a bit cheesy IMHO…

The new lair is available on the Public Test Server and characters less than 40 can be bumped up to that level for testing. Some feedback in the forums seems to give that it is overall a good one, although the Nemesis part does not play such a big role as the name would imply and that they Nemesis characters are a bit wimpy. The main encounter seem to more frustrating than challenging for some builds at least.

My highest is at 33, so there will still be some time before I get to try this one out – perhaps close to Christmas or something like that. The lair will be available in the regular Champions world on November 24th.

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