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Going to Monster Island

October 20, 2009 1 comment

This past weekend my highest hero in Champions Online, Ais Kreem, decided to visit a new zone – Monster Island. Up to level 30 the game content is pretty much alternated between three big zones – Millenium City, Canadian Wilderness and Southwest Desert. ┬áMonster Island provides content starting at level 30.

Stop the evil clones!

Stop the evil clones!

But before being able to go into the real zone, one has to complete the Monster Island Crisis Zone. This is similar to what was done early in the hero’s career where there was a crisis zone right after the tutorial, before being allowed into the real zones. ┬áThe crisis zones of Canadian Wilderness and the Desert were however built up similar to a mission hub with a number of missions received from NPCs. The Monster Island crisis zone is different.

Go. Hunt. Kill VIPER.

Go. Hunt. Kill VIPER.

It is instead pretty much a big Open Mission area (public quest for you fantasy types) with a story progressing through multiple stages, each new stage being revealed after the previous one has been completed. This was a very fun experience! The crisis zone has all the good stuff – hordes of henchmen, good guys to rescue and which will assist you, big robots, evil scientists, super villains, legendary villains, giant dinosaur and a King Kong-lookalike.

So which King Kong movie do you guys like best?

So which King Kong movie do you guys like best?

It is definitely an experience that is aimed for teamwork. When accepting the mission to go to the crisis zone, one is placed into a queue. I suspected it waits until there are enough players and then creates a new instance of the crisis zone – thus there should be enough people to complete it and everyone can be part of it from start.

I think the Monster Island crisis zone was very good and if Cryptic keeps introducing new zones this way I will be a happy player.

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New items in the Champions Online store

October 20, 2009 4 comments

Since the release of Champions Online, the only items available in their game store has been a few action figures. Not it seems that the store has expanded with a few more items.

Payments are made with Cryptic Points, where 80 points correspond to 1 USD currently.

There are a number of costume sets available, including a few Halloween costumes. Each costume set costs 3 USD basically. There are some emblem packs which are 1 USD per pack. These packs unlocks the costumes and emblems for all characters on the account.

Additional character slots go for 15 USD for four slots.

Two additional costume slots (for all characters) cost 5 USD – you can get up to 4 costume slots normally in the game – 3 individual and one supergroup.

There are also character rename and full retcon (a.k.a respec in some other games). The rename seems to cost less than in other games who provide this (3.50 USD). The retcon feels a bit expensive to me at 12.50 USD – especially since it is just to use with one character.

I have never used a full retcon myself yet, not even the ones thay have given for free in the game during power changes in the game. And the limited (up to 10 choices) retcons can still be made in game without any real money input. So it may never come to that I would buy a full retcon. Still, my gut reaction was that the full retcon was expensive.

As it is now there is nothing that immediately strikes me as something I would want to buy – maybe 1 or 2 of the costume sets. I do think it is good that they have expanded the store beyond the action figures now and get a better understanding of what they will offer and what it will cost.

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