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It is that double XP time again

September 30, 2009

Paragon Studios has announced that it is time for a double XP weekend in City of Heroes/Villains again, between October 8th and 11th. This time it also includes a reactivation of inactive accounts over the weekend.

So it can be a good time to play around a bit with some old villains and heroes, put some new colours on their blasts, pets and other powers. Or perhaps try the new sidekicking system or try the new difficulty settings and take large hordes of enemies, even if solo or in small team.

Double XP weekends usually make servers a bit more busy than usual, which can be nice in itself – depending on server and which side you play (red/villain or blue/hero). For me that is the main draw with such events; it usually brings back some old friends and others to visit the game over the weekend, if nothing else.

In my case I thus find it a bit unfortunate that I will be off over the weekend to a magician’s convention precisely that weekend. But on the other hand I will be meeting even older friends at that place, so it will still be quite good.

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