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Champions head start event – Qularr invasion

August 28, 2009 2 comments

A bit later today Champions Online will go live, at least for those that have pre-ordered and are in the early access.  For those going into the early access they may find a few more Qularrs around than normal…

From the Champions Online forums (or if you start the launcher and log in):

We thought we had it under control! We thought we stopped the Qularr!

Following their defeat in Millennium City, the Qularr launched multiple strikes upon key locations around the world.

The Swarmlords, in an attempt to take advantage of the Crisis in Canada and the Desert, have ordered waves of invasion troops to attack.

In Canada, Force Station Steelhead faces a barrage of Qularr aggressors.

In the Desert, there is a growing infestation of Qularr drop ships around Project Greenskin.

And in Monster Island, the Bureau 17 soldiers are fighting off more than Manimals.

During the event players can receive some great loot and earn some really cool rewards.

Qularr Devices:
High Power Genetically Modified Qularr Swarm
High Power Qularr Hive Seed
High Power Qularr Mines
High Power Qularr Adhesive Grenades
High Power Qularr Mutagen

Qularr Upgrades/Power Replaces:
High Power Qularr Assault Rifle
High Power Qularr Mini-gun
High Power Qularr Pistol

Perks players can earn for defeating the invading Qularr.
Qularr Invasion Champions: Players will earn this perk for defeating 100 Qularr invaders.
Qularr Invasion Hero: Players will earn this reward for defeating the Qularr Swarmlord

Perk Rewards players can collect for completing the invasion perks.
Perk Action figures can be picked up at the Perk Toy Vendor in REN Center
Bug Hunter action figure
Dr. Silverback Action figure

It is nice to see that they add some extra events already. My guess is that this will happen only in the “real” zones and not the initial newbie zones – the first one already has enough Qularr anyway 🙂

Some people wonder what the idea is to have the invasion in Monster Island, which is a level 30+ area. Do they think that some people may fast level that much over the weekend? Perhaps there are some; if that makes them happy good for them.

It does not say how long the event will last. If it is only as long as early access, then the question is – early access for who? For those without early access North Americans can get into the game on September 1st, Europeans on September 4th and I believe Australians on September 9th.

In either case I don’t expect to get to higher levels in a number of months; fast leveling has never been a goal of mine. But I think it is great that they start off with an event right away. Hopefully this be something fairly regular; something similar to the Rikti invasions and Zombie attacks in another superhero themed game.

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