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Power Spectrum announcement

July 16, 2009

Paragon Studios have provided soem more information on what the next content update for City of Heroes/Villains will contain – Issue 16: Power Spectrum.

The characer creator seem to be getting an update with a few changes, including the ability to determine the colours of the powers used. So energy blasts may not be blue:ish anymore, fire may look differently, as well as ice, psi etc. Each power can have its own primary and secondary colour.

I think it will be a safe bet that we will see a lot of pink stuff, perhaps combined with signal green and any other annoying or unorthodox combination people can think of. Scare enemies into submission by horrible colour combinations. But some will probably also use to make great colour combinations.

The power profileration also continues, so each of the archetypes seem to get some more of the other archetypes’ powersets.  Only one new powerset for dominators, which mean I won’t feel obligated to make a new one just yet.

It is also interesting to see that they will allow more tweaking of the difficulty settings for the missions – up to now mission mobs scale according to group size and difficulty level set. This will be welcome by people who have found the game to be too easy nowadays, with all the invention sets etc in place to improve characters – plus of course good team compositions.

Nice changes overall, but some people are not going to be happy if there are no new zones or perhaps revamps of old content (some of the older content would need that).

Myself, I am more bothered with that they call it a “free content update”. It is not free, far from it. I pay 65 Euro every 6 months for this game, plus extra costs for booster packs etc. Let’s be honest here instead of some kind of marketing spin.

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  1. July 16, 2009 at 23:34

    I’ll probably be doing one of my twice annual one month subs just to fiddle with the colors of all my powers when this goes live.

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