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Super Science and more slots

July 15, 2009 Comments off

With todays patch update for City of Heroes/Villains came also the new Super Booster package, Superscience. As with previous boosters, this is an addon that is bought separately. These booster packages contains additional costume pieces, commands, powers and other features which are not included in the standard game. Personally I think this may perhaps be the weakest of the booster packages so far, but I am still a sucker for those packages. So I bought it.

With this update they also enabled to add more mission architect slots, as they announced a week ago.  For me, creating story arcs/missions is the most fun solo activity in this game. The results may not necessarily be top notch, but I do enjoy it a lot.  So I bought a few more slots here also.

The update also happened to fix some bugs that had appeared in some story arcs of mine since Issue 15, so I was quite happy to see that it now actually seemed to work as intended.

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I don’t care about the loot

July 15, 2009 7 comments

Recently I had a look at a SciFi MMO that just started its open beta. Not a big-name game, but I was curious about the setting and played around with it a little bit. It was fairly ok from the first view, although not spectacular.

But what really made me a bit sad was reading about the game on the web site. There was really no info on backstory, why people were in this setting in the first place and what perhaps could be the motivations. The only information was around, game mechanics – the kind of units you can play, type of weapons, different skills and different areas. There was no mentioning why certain areas were there.

For the mobs there were descriptions of normal, elite and boss mobs and that there were better loot and reards from bosses etc. Perhaps not all info was listed, but certainly a substantial amount.

This pretty much killed my interest. If the creators of the game just describes the game in the form of mechanics and items, why should I bother? There is not really and story or background that fills a prominent spot here. With a lot of the info in place already directly on the web site there is perhaps not much to find out and discover on your own. I can of course just ignore the info on the web site, but if this is the type of info that developers want a new player to find and look at, it is probably not a game for me.

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