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Playing a gamble

July 13, 2009

Has gambling its place in MMOs? With all online poker sites and other venues to spend your money on some combination of Lady Luck and skill it is perhaps not surprising that MMOs introduce some gambling also.

In Jade Dynasty one can buy items (Celestial Light and Dragon Mirror) from the game shop that atre essentially some lottery ticket, or rather a chance to pull the slot machine. The graphics are even of a type of slot machine display.

Gambling and getting a junk reward

Gambling and getting a junk reward

Most people are likely going for the 1st/2nd prize for each of these two, which includes a mount (Hornclop – sort of a unicorn), a unique pet (a fairy) and a Cloud Shuttle (flying/floating “mount”). As far as I know they are not available through any other means. From there it drops in value and usefulness.

Each chance at the slot machine or lottery ticket costs the equivalent of 0.75 USD. The 4th prize which the roll in the picture resulted in gives 2 portal charms (make a marker for teleportation) costs 0.15 each from the game shop – if you would have bought them at all in the first place. My guess is that most people wouldn’t.

I am not a gambler myself, so I find no interest in the prospect and I am not enticed by Lady Luck to try to win a good prize here. But there are apparently other who are; I saw posts in the Jade Dynasty forums from people who had bought various amount of “tickets” and not won 1st prize – top one was 150 of these “tickets”. But there were also people who hit the jackpot almost instantly.

But 150 of these “tickets” are more than 110 USD. That is a lot of money. And this on something which does not really have a skill element, just chance.   I cannot say that I like this introduction of gambling in the game for real money and especially for items which are not possible to obtain through other means, as far as I can tell.

Neither item is essential though. To each their own, but I think it is stupid.

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  1. Tesh
    July 13, 2009 at 15:37

    Aye, that’s not a good thing. It’s similar to a state using the lottery to make up for tax shortfalls. It’s not a deal worth making, even if it’s probably a shot in the financial arm.

    The AFK gaming of JD doesn’t bother me (I think it’s funny), but this gambling bit is ill-advised.

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