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City of Heroes/Villains issue 15 is live

June 29, 2009 Comments off

And so has the issue titled Anniversary been released, although a little bit after the actual anniversary… But close enough though. This issue is considered a small update by many people and the excitement is perhaps not at top. Still, I think the update contains a number of neat features.

For me, the Mission Architect improvements is a major piece here. The improved search and categorisation capabilities are going to be intresting to see how it works out. The Mission Architect toolbox is a neat addition for mission testing and the various improvements for level ranges, power customisations etc provides some welcome additions. Just before the update a set of video tutorials was published for Mission Architect. I think it is a bit unfortunate though that they did those for the feature set in Issue 14 and not Issue 15. While the fundamental basics are the same, it would have been nice to include some of the new features as well.

I also like that they have added more costume change emote and made these new ones available to everyone – the first emotes of this kind that was introduced were only available through the magic booster pack (bought separately).

The new strike/task forces are also going to be fun to try out. I am not a task/strike force regular – I do them from time to time, but not very regularly. It is a bit like raiding in some other games; I have no interest to do them regularly to get some kind of reward. But for a bit of fun with some friends perhaps it can be a nice evening session from time to time.

There are also a number of new faces and some new costume pieces to choose from. More choices here are always welcome.

But the update is certainly thin on content that is not Mission Architect-based. However, one can only assume that the majority of the effort is going into the future Going Rogue expansion.

But for me now is the time to dive into Issue 15 and play around with the new Mission Architect features!

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