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One new big happy family of heroes and villains

June 24, 2009 Comments off

It seems that there will soon finally be time for the City of Heroes/Villains players to actually get one official community focal point, NCSoft will now be merging the forums of the European and American communities and upgrade to some new forums software.

Not a day too soon in my opinion – if people play the same game I do not see a reason to split up the communities, as long as any language issues can be dealt with in a reasonable way.

Now my wonder is also, when will everyone be able to actually play with each other? The single world approach that Champions Online seems to be taking is quite enticing.  And if you have played games like EVE or Guild Wars which handle this also, you really miss that feature in other MMO-type games.

Perhaps the future competition with Champions Online will help the motivation to make such a change for City of Heroes/Villains? I certainly would not mind that.

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