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3 years in spandex

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Last week I became Addicted. That is the 36 month veteran reward title in City of Heroes/Villains. In addition to the title, one get the option to place an Arachnos Flyer or a Longbow Chaser in the supergroup base, and each character can pick a mini-pet of choice, see the following pictures.

In addition to this I also got another character slot, which players get every 12 months for an active  subscription. This quickly got filled with a new character. I am a huge altoholic in City of Heroes/Villains and a quick check revealed that I have 33 characters currently Р20 villains and 13 heroes. A majority of them are seldom played though and 8 of them have reached max level.

A few statistics regarding the characters:

Archetype Number of characters Highest level Lowest level Total # of levels
Dominator 6 50 50 300
Stalker 3 32 23 81
Controller 3 50 10 78
Scrapper 3 42 6 74
Arachnos Widow 2 50 24 74
Corruptor 4 35 6 65
Mastermind 2 34 15 49
Brute 2 28 10 38
Blaster 3 15 8 32
Tanker 2 25 5 30
Arachnos Soldier 1 30 30 30
Warshade 1 14 14 14
Defender 1 10 10 10

The only archetype missing from the list is the Peacebringer. Most characters are below 30 and in that area there is plenty of choice on what to play. But because of the excellent sidekick/exemplar functionality and the auto-adjustment of levels in some type of missions (e.g. Mission Architect) there is really a lot of freedom of what to play at any given time. And I do still enjoy the game a lot. But this has also very much to do with the people in the game. Without some great people to play and hang around with the spandex time would have been much shorter.

So thank you everyone that has made the time in Rogue Isles and Paragon City so enjoyable the past 3 years!

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