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Elves – just say no

June 5, 2009 3 comments

I have not played much of Runes of Magic in the past few months;  gameplay got a bit repetitive in a grindy fashion so I took a break from it. The other day I got an email about the next update to Runes of Magic – Chapter II – The Elven Prophecies. This updates includes some possibly nice features, such as being able to train your own pets and introducing two new classes. But they also introduce elves as a playable race. Really, that is probably one of the best thing they could have done to keep me away from the game

Why must everything fantasy MMO fit into some Tolkienesque template? LOTRO is sort of excused, because they are providing Tolkien’s own setting in a way. If introducing a new race, use something that is not an elf, dwarf, orc or troll  – or a carbon copy of  any of these Tolkien templates.

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