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City of Rogues

May 12, 2009 1 comment

Paragon Studios has now just announced a new major expansion to City of Heroes/Villains, called City of Heroes: Going Rogue

Information is a bit limited yet, but it seems that this new expansion will open up gameplay on Praetorian Earth – an Earth in an alternate dimension quite similar to our Earth, but where the superbeings are not quite the same as in Paragon City and Rogue Isles on this Earth. It will likely be a paid expansion and one has to already own City of Heroes/Villains and not work as a standalone game.

In the higher levels on City of Heroes side there are some story arcs which exposes the player briefly to some of the signature superbeings on Praetorian Earth. One of the prominemt examples is the hero Statesman on this side has an evil counterpart in the form of Tyrant, a fierce ruler controlling matters with an iron hand.

Instead of having a clear and static separation between heroes and villains as in the current City of Heroes/Villains, characters in this new expansion will be able to through their actions, rather than making a distinct choice at character creation.

I think this is quite exciting, as it opens up for more complex stories with more depth. I do hope that this will also be reflected in the Mission Architect capabilities – I would love to be able to set different consequences and outcomes based on player choices in the missions.

There is no release date set yet, only saying Coming soon and pre-orders will announced this year. My guess is this autumn or winter. Ideally they would probably like to have it rolled out perhaps 1-3 months after the release of Champions Online, but it remains to be seen if they could make such a target.

Reactions seems generally to be positive and a lot of players are excited. I think it definitely looks interesting and will be another item to check out this year, most likely.