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Paragon Studios parenting

May 11, 2009 2 comments

I have been and still am a big fan of Mission Architect in City of Heroes/Villains. Looking at the past month with the release of Mission Architect, the exessive farming and the somewhat heavyhanded response from Paragon Studios I cannot really see that it could have happened much differently.

Like some proud parents, Paragon Studios were excited about giving access to various real tools to their “kids” (i.e. the players), allowing them to possibly realise their full potential in creativity. Instead of just playing with a toy hammer and screwdriver, they were given a full-fledged real toolbox to use.

Some of the “kids” started to create beautiful furniture, pieces of art. Others made perhaps the equivalent of butter knives and chop sticks, but still had fun with it. And then there were “kids” who used the tools to gain easy advantages with various means of using the tools.

Perhaps Paragon Studios were a bit naive in thinking that “their kids” would behave so much better than “other kids” and it would be obvious for most of the “kids” except the occasional obnoxious one what would be proper and beneficial for all in the long run.

Perhaps a tad late Paragon Studios learned that for most of their “kids” to learn and/or understand what would be the best for everyone they must set boundaries. Not just take away whatever piece the “kids” were playing at the moment, which could be dangerous in the long run but looked fun for the moment.   

I do hope that your “kids” will make you proud, Paragon Studios. But you still need to be the supervising parent and you have taken a step in the right direction now, even though some “kids” may be complaining a bit. But when you meet the other parents you will be able to say ‘Look what my “kids” have created’! And it will be something many other parents will be envious about, but still not sure if they can allow their “kids” to try it.

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