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The 300th ding

April 26, 2009 1 comment

Last night my mind/ice dominator Niefelheim hit his final ding, reaching level 50. So what is this 300 coming from? That is the total number of levels on the 6 dominators I have in City of Villains, i.e. all of them are now at max level.

It was roughly 2 years ago that I decided to create characters with the dominator archetype, covering all powersets available. It was simply the most fun archetype for me in City of Heroes/Villains, so I wanted to try the different powerset combinations available. There were a few false starts until I found the powerset combinations I was reasonably happy with to play.

Initially I had a goal to get all the pets available to dominators (available at level 32 for 5 powersets) but once that was reached, the goal transformed into getting them all to max level, at some point. But that should not happen due to hours and hours of grinding – I have been through such a phase years ago in Earth & Beyond and I am not going through that path again. This became a bit of a problem on the villain side of the game – if you have played through most of the content several times before, motivation and fun can be challenging to muster. For a while I thought it would perhaps never happen.

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