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Equipment update

April 19, 2009

The broadband connection here at home is an ADSL connection, which works quite well. Unfortunately the phone jack the ADSL modem has to be plugged into is at the kitchen bench. This means the modem and the wireless router is on the kitchen bench, next to the microwave oven.

Not an ideal spot, in particular for a wireless router. Using the micro while gaming was generally out of the question. All the euipment (computers, internet radio, PS3) are in different areas also, so using cables would not be so fun either.

A collegue recently suggested though to have a look at network adapters that uses the powerlines. So I bought a pair of those and used them between the ADSL modem and the router and placed the router in the work/computer room. This worked like a charm. Nominal speed through the poweline adapters were up to 200 Mbps. With this connection it seemed to degrade to around 60 Mbps, which is still a bit faster than the ADSL connection itself.

While buying the adapter pair I also picked up a multi-function printer (Brother DCP-585CW) and hooked that up to the network also instead of directly to a computer. With copier and scanner built-in as well it will make more space available in the work/computer room.

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