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Paragon Studios has seen the light of day

April 15, 2009

Yesterday it was announced that NCSoft NorCal has changed its name to Paragon Studios. This is the part of NCSoft that develops City of Heroes/Villains, so the name fits well and it certainly an indication that NCSoft believes in the game.

Back when NCSoft bought the half of the game that Crypic Studios still owned there were 15 persons working on the game at Cryptic as I recall. Also, NCSoft stated back then that they would double the size of the studio to work on the game. Looking at the group photo on the new site they seem to have almost 50 persons there and they are hiring.

They would of course have to have more people for the game engine development, administration and a few other things, but it is still encouraging to see that NCSoft do put some money into this, especially with the debacle around Tabula Rasa in mind.

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