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Architect creators and players – the first dates

April 13, 2009 6 comments

A few weeks ago I wrote a few notes about the Mission Architect mission browser and put together a few charts for the story arc content in the open beta. I decided to have a look at what the numbers were now, a few days after the release of Issue 14.

At the time I collected the numbers below, the total number of story arcs were almost 17000. With the number of distinct missions in an arc being somewhere between 1 and 5 missions, this means the total number of missions are somewhat between 17000 and 65000.  My guess would be that the total number of missions are  around 40000. A few MMORPGS can claim to have more than 1000 quests, so the sheer amount of mission data generated by the player community is quite fascinating.

Of course, not everything is top notch quality missions. And not everyone will have the same taste. Some people want good storylines, others want mainly tactical challenges, some others might want to have farming efficient content etc. Whereas in many other MMORPGs the mission content is fairly organised and spread out according to some developer-determined pattern, in Mission Architect we have pretty much everything in a big bucket. We can slice and dice the bucket content a bit, but it still remains rather large chunks of data we have to work with.

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