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Mission Architect is live

April 8, 2009 1 comment

So has finally Issue 14: Mission Architect been released for City of Heroes/Villains! For me this has been one of the most awaited MMO game updates in a long time and I am happy to see that it is finally in place. The update was apparently not entirely painless – the scheduled downtime was 5 hours, but it took almost 9 hours before the game servers were up and people could log in properly.

As expected a fair amount of story arcs has been uploaded already – when I checked about 2.5 hours after logging in there were roughly 1200 story arcs published. Of those, about 0.167% of them are mine – I republished the two story arcs I had created in the open beta. It was not quite straightforward though – both arcs had bits and pieces that were “unlockable content” and I had to earn some architect tickets and unlock some content to get rid of the errors reported for this content. That was roughly 300-400 tickets, which was not too bad.

My story arc page is updated with the new Arc IDs for these arcs, in case someone would like to try them out. Actually I really hope they will be played…:)

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