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Release date for Mission Architect set, Super Leader to be set

April 4, 2009

There has been some indications that Issue 14: Mission Architect would go live sometime next week, but now there is at least a date set officially – Wednesday April 8th.

While most of Issue 14 is the Mission Architect system, one other change is the introduction of a new rank in the Super/Villain Groups – the Super Leader. This forum announcement for the relase date here was also an advance warning that the Super Leader would be introduced, so that SGs/VGs have some time to decide who will be the Super Leader.

The description of the Super Leader rank is as follows (quoted from the EU forums):

In an effort to bring more supergroup management powers to players, we have recently developed a new Super Group Rank #6, named ‘Super Leader’.

Here is a list of what Super Leader can do:

Super Leader has all permissions available to leaders.

Super Leader can modify permissions of leaders, and can demote or promote any rank.

Super Leader can promote another leader to their position, and self demote themselves back to Leader rank.

Super Leader position can be named to be in line with SG/VG tastes and motif.

Super Leader position will always be filled by active user and Rank 5 leaders will no longer be demoted unless the SL designates.

Super Leader will be auto-demoted if inactivity period set by permissions is reached.

The highest ranking member with the most recent log-in time will be auto-promoted once Super Leader position is vacated.

Super Leader can pass leadership to a Rank 5 Leader at any time as long they are online, this transfer of leadership occurs in the SG/VG screen.

There is a confirmation screen before this transaction occurs to eliminate errors.

Customer Service can promote any on-line player to the Super Leader position, if the petition warrants such action

There is only one Super Leader.

We undersredd there may be some general concern over this new rank, how leaders will be selected, and how and what our Customer Supports role is within the SG/VG setting. Due to these concerns we are announcing this feature now and will be giving some advanced notice to the community on the launch date for Issue 14: Architect.

Just like any shared leader position, the SG/VG as a group can determine how this position should be used and what rules apply, outside of permissions. That way if the current player in the position violates those rules, they can voluntarily give the rank to someone else, or the case can be made to CS to resolve as needed.

The position is affected by auto demotion, and it is the only rank now affected by this design. When that occurs, it will pass to the next highest rank member that has logged in most recently. Any player that has been logged out for longer then the auto demotion time is not eligible to be promoted, regardless of rank. 

Also note, there has been a change to the auto-promotion process:

The Last leader to log out will be promoted when I14 goes live. 

There is a 24 hour tie-breaker, if multiple leaders log out at the same time. 

If multiple leaders log out within 24 hours of each other, the leader with the earliest join date will be promoted. 

This allows players to better choose which leader will get promoted. We will give advance notice of the approximate live date for Issue 14, in order for SG members to determine which leader should log in before that time.

If the wrong person does get promoted, there are 2 options: The current super-leader can promote the correct person using the Super Group Screen and they will then be moved back to leader rank. Otherwise, petition a GM. They can review the case and take appropriate actions to resolve and possibly put the correct player in the position.  

There were some mixed comments about this new rank, some liked it and some thought it was a bad idea and that the problems it is inteded to address should be solved in other ways.

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    I have really been enjoying this series of posts on the mission architect. Best preview on the net.

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    Thank you, glad to hear it is appreciated 🙂

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