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Any Front, Middle or Back – aargghh!

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One of the more annoying misfeatures in the City of Heroes mission editor so far is the placement of mobs of enemies, allies and objects. Or rather lack thereof on some maps.

All maps have in their descriptions information on how many “details” that can be place in the front, middle or back of the map – although not all maps have the middle part. The problem is that this only works reasonably well with many of the indoor maps – caves, warehouses, offices, sewers etc.

But there are also a number of outdoor maps – forests, various parts of the city etc. And in many of these the placement does not really work, even though they supposedly should have a front and a back at least.

This is a bit annoying if you want to use one of these outdoor maps but also want to at least to a limited extent control what can be encountered where.
It does just not work – I have run 25+ test runs on such a map to see where front and back mobs end up and in both cases they end up pretty much anywhere.

I have that case in both my story arcs in their final missions that I would prefer some order to the encountered “details”. While The Missing Geneticist does not suffer so much from the issue, it have been quite varied outcomes with The Siren Supremes – sometimes it works out great, sometimes it can become quite painful.

I think I have found a reasonably good compromise map – small but with enough “detail” options and thus also a good chance to get things in a reasonably good pattern and actually a bit closer to my original end mission idea. It will be more intense, so some additional tuning have also been made on difficulty settings.

But now they have brought down the server for another update (seems to happen everyday now), so might not be so much more opportunity to test today.

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