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The day of smiles…

April 1, 2009 1 comment

City of Heroes: The Golden Age

This is an absolutely brillant April Fools’ piece, at least for anyone of us old enough to have been playing some of these games in the 80s.

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Tinkering with story arcs

April 1, 2009 Comments off

There has not been so much pure MMO play in the past two weeks – partly due to RL activities, but also due to spending time in the Mission Architect open beta. While I certainly do play a number of mission arcs there, I also spend time just “tinkering” with story arcs – should I change this piece, rephrase that, use a different map, add more patrols?

NCSoft puts in new updates on the server fairly frequently, sometime these seem to cause problems with the published story arcs. I had to reassign maps for my published arcs and also clear out what seemed to be som null pointer type references, causing empty dialog windows to appear.

There has been hinted at that the release might happen next week, in the EU forums at least. An advance warning was given that a free respec would be given when Issue 14 was released and that this was given so people should be able to know that at least 7 days before any release.

Had a run though with my Bane Soldier (30) and my The Siren Supremes story arc. Worked quite fine, although the inability to place allies and bosses in the right locations is a bit annoying for the last mission. Died a few times in the final battle, might have to tune that.

Unfortunately the game client seems still to crash during certain situations when trying to enter the mission editor. I hope there will be a few more patches before they release it.

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