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City of Heroes/Villains – my mission design update

March 29, 2009 9 comments

Today I spent a fair amount of time completing my second story arc for City of Heroes/Villains, named The Missing Geneticist. I might not have so much time for this during the week and if NCSoft decides to release issue 14 I want my arcs to be as ready to publish as I can.

I am not entirely happy with the search functions and the rating/comment system in place currently – there will be room for improvement. This is probably something NCSoft will look at once the issue is released once they see people’s usage patterns a bit more.

But partly because of that I decided that I should keep some reference for my own creations here at least, so I set up a separate page with some basic info about my story arcs. Until NCSoft makes it easier to find arcs it cannot hurt with a bit of self-promotion.

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