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Leveling an architect, test round one

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Since I been thinking about selecting one character to be my main mission architect once Issue 14 goes live, I decided to have a test run and see how it worked out in practice. After all, it has been said that it would be possible to level a character from 1 to 50 with just Mission Architect missions.

The idea is to create a new character, play him from start and as much as possible only play player-created story arcs. This character would also be the one to unlock all new content and the main one to pick up any mission architect-related badges.

By also starting a new character I will also have the opportunity to try out my own missions from a low level character perspective, instead of using a number of my higher level characters only.

So I decided to have a test run on the EU test server with a new character first to see how it worked out. I picked an Arachnos Widow male (yes, a male widow, Rogue Isles are all for equal opportunity…).

Sente the "widow"

Sente the "widow"

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