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Designer seeking kindred player; likes to travel, go for long walks and slay demons

March 23, 2009 4 comments

In MMOs today one generally has two types of approaches to things to do in the game. One is the slightly game/theme park oriented approach where NPCs stand ready to give you assignments throughout the world. If you have helped them enough, they may kindly point you to another NPC in need of help.

The other approach is the more sandbox-oriented, make your own stories and events, the game or world just provide the setting.

With the introduction of Mission Architect in City of Heroes/Villains those approaches are in a way brought a bit closer to each other, although still with a game/theme part perspective. Every player is now also a potential mission/event designer.

The Mission Architect systems allows literally 1000s of missions to be available at any time to any player; no more pacing through a long series of missions to get to the one that is interesting. No more getting stuck on some missions and no other missions to progress through. The power of choice is given to the player.

However, with this approach comes new challenges. With 1000s of missions available at any time, which one will the player pick? And a designer creating his/her new masterpiece, how can they make sure that players find their missions?

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