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The irresistible spandex

March 17, 2009

It must be the spandex. What else can there that continues to attract in a game that many complains has so repetitive mission content settings?

Somehow I keep coming back for more to this game, both in Paragon City and Rogue Isles. I must admit that it might not only be the spandex, but perhaps also the friendly atmosphere, the quick, fast-paced team play with a load of visual crescendos.

My controller Frieda is getting to the stage where she has become a big girl, getting closer and closer to that max level. My only gripe is that there are a number of story arcs that I have not been able to follow properly, while some others are those that I have already done a few times in the past.
Like in the Rikti War Zone, where we in a session ended up to beat up Hro’dothz, the Rikti Lord of War. He is a big fellow as expected from an alien Arch-Villain soldier type (villain 101 stuff).


Mr Hro'dothz, could you point that sword/gun thing elsewhere? You might hurt someone!

Mr Hro'dothz, could you point that sword/gun thing elsewhere? You might hurt someone!

As any respectful villain commander he calls in support during the fight, which should be dealt with rather swiftly not to get overwelming. I think it is a fun fight and this particular fight was the first one of two where Mr Hro’dothz is encountered – the second one so aptly titled Save the World. I do enjoy many of the story arcs in the game. Although team play is fun, it do tend to make it a bit more difficult to follow the stories. And not everyone is particularly interested either, which is perhaps illustrated well in the mission Spread the News.

The objective of this mission is to protect at least one back-up generator that the people at WDSPR has set up in order to be able to broadcast the truth about the Rikti War to the citizens of the Rogue Isles. These generators are under attack by the Nemesis army who try to stop the broadcasts. On top of that, since the Isles are Arachnos territory there are a number of Arachnos troops in the area. The mission also includes saving reporter Amanda Vines and defeating the Arachnos leader (Silver Mantis).

In most cases this mission tend to fail and on the first objective, to protect a generator – at least with PUGs. In most cases people do not RTFMT (read the ***** mission text) and jump in with the good old objective let-us-smash-things-that-are-in-our-way-and-get-the-glowies instead of the actual mission objective. In many cases this approach still works, but in this case it is bound to fail. Arachnos are fighting Nemesis army, who have popped up in multiple locations from underground with their Mole machines – there is simply not enough time to save the generators without a proper focus.


Beating up the Mole machines

Beating up the Mole machines

This time was no different from most other runs although it did take longer before the generators had all been destroyed.  I find it a bit amusing that some people are surprised about the mission objective when the mission fails, even if someone has tried to point it out bfore the mission starts. But I really do not worry much about it. Although it will be interesting to see what Mission Architect will bring here – will there be many missions where the kill-stuff-and-get-the-glowies approach works fine, or will there be more missions with some twist that requires people to think a bit about the objectives?

I do hope for a bit of the latter. But only time will tell how well it will be possible to convey the story elements in the architected missions.


Wolf Sente, Bane soldier

Wolf Sente, Bane soldier

This weekend I also dusted off my Arachnos Bane Soldier character, Wolf Sente. He has not been played for a few months and I decided to take him for a spin. The Bane Soldier version does not have the massive fire power of his spider collegue and is a bit more like the Stalker, although perhaps not as squishy. He is a bit more like a storm trooper perhaps. Although I have to watch his health a bit in some boss fights I found him quite fun to play. Taking him from 29 to 30 in a session I found it astounding quick to gain a level compared to before patrol xp (i.e. rest xp) and the flattening of the leveling curve was introduced. Around level 30 was otherwise a place where I often stopped playing a character due to the rise of the leveling curve at that point. 


Spandex or not, City of Heroes/Villains is still going strong for me. Soon reaching max level with a hero for the first time will also unlock the Kheldian archetypes, thus allowing even more options for character creation and I suspect some new low level hero/alien will see the light of day soon…

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  1. March 17, 2009 at 02:58

    Cool pics. I love the costume of your Frieda character. Very cool.

    Do you do much PvP in CoX? I’m finding it a very difficult area of the game to get into.

  2. March 17, 2009 at 06:46

    PvP is an area which is still a pretty empty spot for me in CoX. For a long time most of the PvP areas were quite empty and many people when there for the rewards (e.g. Shivan pets) rather than actually PvP.

    I have not been in any of the PvP zones since the PvP revamp with the last issue either.

  3. March 17, 2009 at 13:04

    Cool characters!

    For once, I’d love to get a character above 30, let alone max level! 🙂

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